Analytical Equipment


High Precision UV-VIS PD-3000UVe Catalog download
High accuracy
High quality grating ensure high precision
Excellent value
High performance and affordability are combined.
Connectivity with peripherals
Possible to connect with PC and printer.
*PD-3000UVe does not have a scanning function because of economy version.
Wavelength range190 nm to 1100 nm
Wavelength Width5 nm
Wavelength accuracy+/- 2 nm
Wavelength repeatability+/- 0.5 nm
Optical systemsingle beam, grating system
Stray radiant energy< 0.2 %T (at 220nm and 360nm)
Display128 x 64 LCD display
Photometric range-0.3 to 3 ABS
0.0 to 200 %T
0.0 to 9999 C (0 - 9999F)
Auto ZeroAuto Zero
Drift≦ 0.002 A/hour after warm up
DetectorHigh sensitivity silicon photocell
Light sourceHalogen lamp, Deuterium lamp
Standard Sample holder4 position, 10 mm x 10 mm Square cuvette
Printer interfaceParallel port
Data outputUSB
Power Requirement110 / 220 VAC 50/60 Hz switchable (changeable)
Dimensions466 (W) x 395 (D) x 200 (H) mm (main body)
WeightNet 15.5 kg (main body)
Standard Accessories
Square glass cuvette4 pcs
Square quartz cuvette2 pcs
Power cord1 pc
Application software CD-ROM1 set
(CD-Rom, USB key, USB Cable, Software manual)
Fuse (3A)1 pc
Vinyl dust cover1 pc
Operation manual1 copy

*Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.