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Dual wavelength total bilirubin meter BR-501(End of Sales) Catalog download
BR-501(End of Sales)
Auto-zero function
Easy to operate thanks to advanced electronic circuits like our proprietary auto-zero system.
Easy setting of the sample tube
A sample gauge provided on the surface of BR-501, which indicates the proper sample volume to be inspected. Only simple action is required to set the capillary tube into the holder.
Handles hemolysis and turbidity easily.
Careful selection of the dual wavelength color filters and the combination of electronic technology minimize the interference of hemolysis and turbidity.
Particularly suitable for jaundice examinations of neonates.
Flexible power source
Power requirement is flexible from 100 to 240 VAC.
Alarm lamp informs user of abnormalities
Alarm lamp signals hemolysis of 300mg/dl or more.
Easy lamp replacement
Exchange procedure of the lamp is simplicity itself.
MethodDual Wavelength (461 nm, 551 nm)
Measurement Range0 - 30 mg/dL(Total bilirubin)
Correcting hemolysis0 - 250 mg/dL
Measuring accuracy± 5 %
Sample Volume50 - 60 μL
Display3 1/2 digits 7 segment red LED
Sample ContainerHematocrit capillary tube(Heparinized)
Light sourceTungsten lamp
DetectorHigh sensitivity silicon photocell
Power100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions280 (W) X 230 (D) X 120 (H) mm
WeightAround 3.4 kg (main body)
Standard Accessories
Standard solution(ABY)2 bottles
Capillary tube(Heparinized, Red)1 vial(100pcs)
Capillary tube(Plain, Blue)1 vial(100pcs)
Clay sealer(Wax Plate)1 pc
Spare lamp1 pc
Fuse2 pcs
Dust Cover1 pc
Power cord1 copy
Operation manual1 copy

*Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.