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Spectrophotometer PD-303 (End of Sales) Catalog download
PD-303 (End of Sales)
Small sample volume
Minimum sample volume is 1.0ml.
Flexible power source
Power requirement is flexible from 100 to 240V AC.
Long lamp life
Long life span of lamp (approx. 2,000 hours)
Analog out-put
Using analog cable(Option), PD-303 can record date by recorder.
Square, Round cuvette usable
Square and round cuvette can be used without adapter.
Wavelength Range340-1000nm
Wavelength Width10nm in entire region
Wavelength Accuracy±2nm at 356 and 546nm
Wavelength Scale2nm scale
SpectroscopeSigle beam, Diffraction grating 1200 lines/nm
Stray Radiant Energy<0.5%T typical at 340nm with appropriate light filter
Display3-1/2 digit LCD
Photometric Range0-1.999ABS
Photometric Accuracy±2%T
DetectorHigh sensitivity silicon photocell
Light SourceLong-life Tungsten lamp with lens
Sample Volume1.0ml(Minimum)
Power Requirements100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 15W
WeightNet 4.8kg (Main body)
Standard Accessories
Square cuvette2 pcs
Round Cuvette10 pcs
Power cord1 pc
Vinyl dust cover1 pc
Operation manual1 copy

*Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.